Right from the start, morph considered what materials should be used and carefully considered why we wanted to use them and soon agreed that sustainability had to be the priority.

We settled on Birch plywood as the key material, and when processed correctly is one considered as one of the most sustainable and recyclable timber products in our industry.

We also considered carefully form, function and style and wanted to create furniture that served many purposes and could adapt easily to different environments, did not follow seasonal trends and therefore was timeless.


To manufacture your furniture efficiently and economically it is important that waste is minimised, and that any waste created is 100% recyclable.

With the use of Birch plywood this allows us to optimise machining methods and nest multiple components at a time which in turn keeps waste to a minimum and helps keep the costs down.

Any small off cuts go towards sample sets or are crushed down into fuel pellets.


From start to finish nothing morph creates ever needs to go into landfill.

The base components for morph furniture are 100% recyclable and have been chosen specifically because of this.

In addition, timber products are easy to repurpose and adapt so if you fancy getting your hands dirty then when your desk or table reaches the end of its life why not create something new for yourself.

True recycling for morph means creating things that are truly recyclable.

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